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Playing the “Yet Another Vulnerability” Game

Last month, technology news was all about Apple’s “OMG Patch Right Now Or Hacker’s Can Mess With Your Stuff!” (You saw the news about that, right? Like our short and sweet Twitter thread, or one of the longer articles about ...
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Image of a woman teaching a high tech class

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Women: Broken But Not Hopeless

March is Women’s History Month in the United States. March 8 is International Women’s Day. March has been a great time for an overwhelming number of #womenintech posts and memes! IFM is run by two women who, between them, have ...
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The many roles we assume

The Anatomy of a ‘Persona’

What is your persona? Well, before you can even answer that question, we'd need to assume that you understand what exactly we're even talking about—because it's certainly a lot more than a person's personality. Rather, in the digital context, personas ...

When I’m Not Me

Okay, so, this morning over my morning coffee I was trying to send a photo from my phone to my computer via text message. I’m not sure why Android and iOS can’t speak directly to each other, but that’s a ...
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The Metaverse: A Parallel Dimension

A few weeks ago, my mother, a lovely woman who really loves cruise ships and social media, called and asked: “So, what is this metaverse thing?” Is there a single media site that isn’t talking about the wonder, glory, and ...
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So, About Those NFTs…

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are almost as popular to talk about as cryptocurrency these days! But where crypto has at least some analogy to the physical world (it’s all about the forms money can take), NFTs are an entirely different ...
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