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Cryptocurrency: Creepy…Or Awesome?

Crypto. Blockchain. Digital Currency. Bitcoin. From the front page of the New York Times to Reddit posts, lots of terms are floating around that most people know have _something_ to do with money and tech, but they aren’t quite sure ...

Web3 – It’s About Disruption

To understand Web 3, it helps if you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference. Not because that book has anything to do with the web, but more because it gets into market ...
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But How Did They Know? How Ad-Tracking Actually Works

Now you’re probably thinking, “how on earth did all those sites know about my interests like that? And what else is using that information about me as I surf the web?” Friends, here’s what you—and your online identity—need to know ...
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Wait, You Mean Digital Identity is an Entire Industry?

So there I am, enjoying my first neighborhood barbeque in YEARS, chatting with one of my neighbors about what it is I do. Me: “I work with people and organizations developing standards for how to use digital identity.” Them: “I ...
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What is Digital Identity (and why should you care)?

If you’re reading this, you have a digital identity. And depending on how you think about it, you probably have more than one! After all, you have your social media accounts—those are all digital identities of yourself, right? And then ...
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