Do you REALLY know the full extent of how you show up online?

We didn’t think so 😉 But never fear…


Frankly, the average person likely hears the words “digital identity” and goes, what the hell?! But regardless, we sure are glad you found us out here in the ethers! 

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Identity Flash Mob, an online resource designed to bring fun and informative content about digital identity and Internet standards to new audiences. 

Sound boring? Maybe this will wake you up… 

The concept of online privacy is so convoluted that there are very few guidelines for websites, services, and apps using shared digital identity—YOUR identity. 

So what do we do? Talk about tech that matters.

Identity Flash Mob is founded by Heather Flanagan and Laura Paglione, two forward-thinkers working to democratize tech and Internet accessibility. But make no mistake, they’re not your typical nerds. 

Identity Flash Mob’s ultimate mission is to create a fun, engaged, quirky community—a flash mob—to learn together in harmony as we collectively navigate the latest news, trends, and updates in the digital identity and Internet standards world. 

… we call it, “dancing through identity.”