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Photo of a man with a laptop on a stone wall

Are You a Digital Nomad?

Once upon a time, traveling from state to state and country to country in an RV was the dream of retirees. Then came the Internet, and as early as the mid-1990s, people found themselves able to work remotely. The phrase ...
photo of a phone with its photo library open

What Your Photos Say About You

Once upon a time, there were physical photo albums. For the more organized individuals, they included little notes, either on the back of the photo itself or on little placecards, that described when and where the photos were taken. Families ...
Head with a puzzle inside and an inscription that says bias.

I Saw It On the Internet So It Must Be True

Understanding Confirmation Bias When you see a story on the Internet that matches what you already believe, it feels true. Right. Everything you’d expect to see in the world. And when you see a story that doesn’t match your beliefs, ...
Facial recognition software scans the face of young woman holding smart phone at home

Your Digital Body: Bias and Biometrics in Tech

What can possibly be more uniquely you than your physical body? Fingerprints, iris patterns, voice… These (and more) are what biometrics is all about. Biometrics are generally used in two ways: to determine if a person is who they claim ...

What You Don’t Think About When Instant Messaging…

Long gone are the days when you’d have to dial your friend from a landline to coordinate plans. Nowadays reaching your friends and family can happen anytime, anywhere quite literally in an instant… According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Instant Messaging ...
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Male mannequin in a red tuxedo

Identifying Deceptive Communication: Deepfakes

From the cute visuals of the first full-length CGI animated movie (Toy Story in 1995) to special effects so realistic (I’m looking at you, Ex Machina, an Academy Award winner for Best Visual Effects Movies), it can sometimes be nearly ...
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